Pakistan Beats India Claiming a Top Spot at Asian Freelancer Market.

According to Q2 2019 Payoneer Global Gig Economy Index, Pakistan is the 4th fastest growing gig economy in the world. The other countries which topped Pakistan are the United States, UK, and Brazil.

As identified by Payoneer, the country has been able to maintain the 4th position because of Pakistan’s government efforts to widen the employment pool. There has been an investment in enhancing the technical skills of students from a very young age. These initiatives have been taken on a private and public level.

The tech-savvy population comprises 70% of young people under 30 and most of them are global freelancers. More so, 4G coverage has opened many new doors for international opportunities.

Integration of payments and development of digital platforms assure that Pakistan’s dominance in digital employment arena is long-lasting.


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