Pakistan Is Going In The Wrong Direction According To Pakistanis


Government claims about economic recovery have been challenged by a consumer confidence survey according to which country happens to be in a miserable state. There are a number of issues the country is facing right now which include poverty, unemployment, tax burden, and inflation.

IPSOS, a global research firm has conducted this survey. Pakistanis from urban and rural areas were approached during the people

People in Pakistan do not want to buy a new house or car as 91% are uncomfortable. This percentage has increased by 1% in August 2019.

The survey also focused on the worrying dynamics which people are going through. 79% of respondents found unemployment worrying, 81% found deemed inflation is an issue,  56% found growing poverty a reason of worry and 55% found the burden of taxes very tiring.

79% of respondents were hopeless about anything good happening in the next six months.

31% of respondents have lost a job or have witnessed a friend or relative losing a job.

Another shocking finding in the survey is that people were not worried about corruption or nepotism. Only 2% revealed that they worry about these matters. However, freedom of speech was something people did not feel lacking in the country.  

Other issues such as terrorism and electricity worthy of making an influence. Only 2% thought that power load-shedding as a major issue. The main reason was the installation of new power plants.

More so, only 4% were satisfied with how things were moving forward in the country.

79% of respondents found that the country was not moving in the right direction. Pakistan is the lowest performer if BRICS countries such as Brazi, India, Turkey, China, Brazil, and Russia.


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