Islamabad Safer Than Sydney, Berlin, London For Foreigners

World Cime Index 2020 has listed Islamabad safer than other metropolitan cities like Sydney, London, Paris, Moscow, Paris, Shanghai, and Berlin. There is a visible improvement in security and crime anticipation.

Numbeo, an international organization has ranked the capital city 301 out of 374. The higher the number in the ranking, the safer the city is. Previously, the country was 232 in the ranking and has moved 69 spots up.

India’s capital, New Delhi has been placed 69 on the list and has been labeled as one of the most dangerous cities in the world with a swelling crime rate against minorities that heavily includes Muslims.

The crime rate in Islamabad has reduced by 4 percent as compared to last year making it one of the safest cities for tourists. IGP (Inspector-General ofPolice) Islamabad, Mohammad Aamir Zulifqar appreciated and congratulated the team to come with a good strategy.

The report highlighted and praised the police for going to every limit to protect the lives of the citizens.


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