Pakistani Scientists Claims to Achieve a Significant Breakthrough In War Against COVID-19

A team of Pakistani researchers from Dow University of Health Sciences claims to develop a treatment that can cure coronavirus. Reportedly, they devised intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) with plasma obtained from the blood of patients recovered from coronavirus. However, the team is awaiting approval to start clinical trials for a treatment.

More so, the university’s vice chancellor claims that it is one of the significant developments in fight against coronavirus. The university informs about the breakthrough via a press release on Monday.

“This way of treatment is safe, low risk and highly effective against coronavirus. However, Through this method, Immunoglobulin is prepared after the separation of antibodies found in the blood of a recovered patient,” the statement reads.

However, the research team under the supervision of Dr Shaukat Ali, developed this form of treatment in March. They informed that the team developed it after they were able to collect the first blood sample from an infected patient. Furthermore, US Food and Drug Administration also approves this form of treatment says the statement.

“The team managed to isolate antibodies from the blood sample chemically. Purified it and later concentrated these antibodies using ultrafiltration techniques that remove the remaining unwanted materials from the final product.” Mentions the statement Digging into the techniques of treatment.

Dr. Shaukat Ali urges recovered coronavirus patients to donate blood as their plasma is the vital “raw material” for this treatment. However university displayes confidence in the efficacy of its treatment. The team states that the Covid-19 strain currently infecting Pakistanis only has a “few mutations”. Therefore, local IVIG from infected patients holds the potential to provide an extremely potent form of immunisation against Covid-19 for Pakistanis.


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