PayPal To Invesigate Illegal Firearms Transactions


PayPal is joining hands with criminology experts at different universities to sort out the issue of trafficking illegal payments in the United States.

The comapny made the news yesterday. This research which involves funding from PayPal will help financial companies and law enforcement bodies to understand the illegal payment methods and how they can be prevented.

The universities participating in this novel academic research programs are Northeastern University and the University of Chicago Crime Lab.The research will be led by the Center on Crime.

Dr. Anthony Braga, director of School Criminology and Criminal Justice at Northeastern University will lead the research. He is an expert on gun violence and will impact the research greatly on the subject of firearms exchange.

Many other large companies have also taken this initiative to eradicate the use of gun power since there have been many shooting accidents for many years.

The aim of the research is to investigate the details about the payment of the prices, how the internet participates in these payments and how the transactions are made.

“We hope to establish a new area of study that could have major policy implications – how illegally sourced guns are financed,” said Braga.

“This is a subject where researchers and policymakers understand very little.”


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