PIA Flight Operations To Continue In European Countries Till July 3

A revision has been made by European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in regard to the decision recently made about suspending Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight operation. This revision has resulted in allowing the flight operation to proceed till July 3.

It is important to mention here that EASA suspended all the flight operations following the incident of pilots holding fake licenses in the airlines.

The renewed decision which allowed the flight operation was the result of foreign secretary efforts who contacted the ambassadors in all European Union states in time as soon as the suspension order was released.

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However, the flights will operate till July 3 only.

PIA administration, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and ambassadors will stay in contact to sort out all the concerns of the RU officials. The Flights between Islamabad and London will operate according to the routine.

The flight operation after July 3 will be suspended and the passengers who have booked a flight have been asked to postpone the booking or ask for a refund.


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