PIA To Resume International Flight Operation On The Approval Of PM

Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan has given his consent in resuming the international flight operation which was completely bunged since March in order to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

The decision was forwarded to the federal cabinet which was cheered by PM Imran Khan.

The international flight operation will be restored in phases. In the first phase, the flight operation will be resumed in the Gulf region. An action plan will be prepared as directed by the PM for the resumption.

The unemployed workers will be evacuated first from these regions. He assured that the government will not leave Pakistanis suffering in foreign countries alone. Ever support will be provided by PTI to help the stranded Pakistanis.

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Ghulam Sarwar Khan, Minister for Aviation, has reported that PIA had brought back 56,846 stranded Pakistanis through 285 special flights.


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