Plasma Therapy For COVID-19 Yielding Positive Results

Plasma Therapy has been used for 11 patients yielding positive results as revealed by the Sindh Health Minister Azra Fazl.

Three patients recovered from the infection in nine days after undergoing plasma therapy.

“Five more patients are recovering from the virus,” she revealed. The therapy has the ability to control the patient’s disease to a point where he does not need a ventilator.

“If succeeded in yielding positive results from the process, it will not only benefit Sindh but entire Pakistan,” said Azra Fazl Pechuhu. More trials are being carried out for this purpose.

The treatment was initiated at many government hospitals on May 10 after the government gave its approval for the treatment. Renowned hematologist Dr. Tahir Shamsi has proposed the treatment.

The plasma of those is being infused who have already recovered from the disease.


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