PM Hints of opening of all Businesses After Eid.

PM Hints of opening of all Businesses After Eid.

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday while addressing nation hints on the opening of all industries. He says if the current trend of low coronavirus cases persists throughout Muharram, all business activities will be resumed.

“Be careful. If we pass Eid and Muharram with caution, there are chances that all closed businesses might reopen,” Imran Khan

Furthermore, Imran Khan urges the nation to follow SOPs during Eid ul Azha and Muharram. He adds that country could not afford to face the second wave of coronavirus as it will hit the economy hard.

“I urge people to go for online Qurbani and avoid visiting animal markets,” he said, adding that in case people do visit these markets, they must adopt all SOPs and wear masks. Opt for online sacrifice of animals to avoid gatherings in a bid to control mass spread of the virus,”

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Moreover, he advised people to strictly follow SOPs and social distancing while shopping. He advised shop keepers to assure observance of social distancing.

“If we are not cautious during Eid and Muharram, cases might rise again and the situation can worsen. Allah Almighty has blessed our country as the number of cases is declining. If we are not careful, it could prove dangerous for our economy and for the aged and ailing people,” he added.

The prime minister gave the example of Australia and Spain where the virus cases had jumped again after initially falling.

The prime minister took the credit of going for smart lockdown, saying his government was the first in the world to follow this policy, later adopted by other countries.

“Our government was the first to introduce smart lockdown in March instead of the strict curfew-like measures imposed in India, Europe and China,” the prime minister added.

He hints of the opening of all businesses including marriage halls, restaurants, educational institutions as well as those associated with the tourism sector. He says it is only possible if we follow SOPs strictly and the low trend of coronavirus cases persists.