PM Imran Khan Directs The Opening Of 50,000 Utility Stores To Control Price Hike


The government has decided to open 50,000 retail shops around the country in an attempt to give relief to citizens from price-hike. It has been reported the budget of Rs 25 billion has already been allocated for the first phase of the program. 1500 shops will be opened on an immediate basis and citizens looking forward to doing business can get a loan up to Rs 500,000.

The shop owners will have to arrange 40% of the items from the market while 60% of the items will be arranged and provided by the government.

Imran Khan has directed the concerned authorities to provide the Utility Store Program a relief of Rs 7 billion. He was informed later that the program needs 10 billion in a response to which he ordered the authorities to provide the funds for the program as needed. More so, he has announced that the government will be taking measures to reduce the prices of basic commodities.

He also revealed that an investigation is being conducted to find out the reason for the recent price-hike of flour and sugar.

He has tweeted about the difficulties the common people are going through and has updated his followers with the measures he and his team are taking to control the inflation.

He has been constantly holding meetings with his economic team to discuss the relief in the essential commodities like ghee, sugar, pulses, flour, etc. He has also directed investigation of hoarding activities on the provincial level. People who have caused the artificial price hike will face serious consequences for their actions as the PM revealed:


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