PM Notices The Removal Of Complaints Lodged on Pakistan Citizen Portal App


Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has taken notice of complaints of citizens that were disposed of without any documented inquiry or reply or proper evidence. The time taken for addressing complaints was unnecessarily long and the decision for making inquiries and dealing with the complaints were mostly handled by apathetic officials.

PM office has written a letter addressing the ministries and the provincial departments regarding the issue. It has been suggested that a five-member committee should be formed for evaluating each and every department and ministry. A report should be delivered and submitted within 30 days.

Grade 20 officers will be leading the committee or joint secretary will which will submit the report of the evaluation of the officers in the network. This report will highlight any kind of misconduct on citizen pending and resolved complaints and if the officer is performing good or bad.

World Government Summit has declared the app as the second-best government app.


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