Portugal’s Coronavirus Cases Curve Flattens

Portugal’s  Coronavirus Cases Curve Flattens

Portugal has shown a significant improvement since the curve of the cases has flattened but the government does not want to lift the lockdown. This is going to impact the tourism and exports of the country on which the company’s economy depends.

Portugal has reported 18,901 confirmed cases and 599 deaths. The Health Secretary Antonio Sales revealed that Portugal’s coronavirus death rate is 5.5% per 100,000 people which is quite stable as compared to many other European countries.

He also acknowledged that the curve has flattened because of the excellent behavior of the people of Portugal. The lockdown, however, will be extended till May 1, 2020.

“We can only resume activities when we have the needed certainty and comfort, and sufficient confidence in society, that by reopening it we don’t increase the risk of contamination beyond what is controllable,” Prime Minister Antonio Costa told RTP television.

There is a massive gap in the number of cases and the mortality rate which is not explainable keeping in mind Portugal is in Europe.

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