Prevailing Mental Health Issues In COVID-19 Patients

Prevailing Mental Health Issues In COVID-19 Patients


Psychiatrists say COVID-19 survivors are at a greater risk of developing mental health problems.

A large study was conducted to study mental illness in those affected by the epidemic, and research found 20% of those that got coronavirus were diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder, with a span of ninety days.

Covid-19 patients who developed mental health problems commonly were diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

Research by Britain’s Oxford University found very high risks of dementia as well among recovered coronavirus victims. Dementia is a brain impairment that affects a person’s memory, thinking, and problem-solving abilities.

“People have been worried that COVID-19 survivors will be at greater risk of mental health problems, and our findings … show this to be likely,” said Paul Harrison, a professor of psychiatry at Oxford, as quoted by Reuters, “(Health) services need to be ready to provide care, especially since our results are likely to be underestimated (of the number of psychiatric patients),” he further added.

Paul Harrison also demanded an immediate investigation to probe the causes and treatment for this.

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According to another study, 1 in 5 people has the chance of getting psychiatric disorder in coronavirus patients.