PSL 2020 Anthem has released and Everyone is Missing Ali Zafar.

The New PSLanthem is released “Tayyar Hain” on Tuesday. Ali Azmat, Asim Azhar, Haroon, and Arif Lohar teamed up to make the new PSL anthem.

But the song badly failed to attract the crowd’s attention. Twitterati is not approving the new anthem and saying Ali Zafar sung the best anthem and PSL should bring him back.

But Ali Azmat thinks differently as he said that this anthem is not only better but ‘Much Better’ the all the previous PSL anthems.

People expressing their disappointment in their own hilarious ways.

This one has nailed it!!!

This meme has a separate fan base,

Well, Ali Zafar being the Top Trending hashtag on twitter justifies this.

Ali Zafar was initially unaware of all the hype so he did not respond.

But NOW as he is aware of what is going on, That is how he chose to respond.


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