PTI Government Decides To Strictly Watch Over Prominent Social Media Companies

The PTI government has taken new steps to protect social media users in Pakistan from different frauds. Now, social media companies are required to properly register in the country.

They need to have their offices established in Islamabad and appoint a local concerned person from Pakistan. All the major social media companies like YouTube, TikTok, Twitter and Facebook need to follow this rule.

More so, there will be measures taken to protect the data of Pakistanis for which the social media companies will have to create a data server within a year in Pakistan. It will be compulsory to block the content against which a complaint has been registered. If the company does not block it and violates this rule, Rs 500 million will be imposed.

National Coordination Authority (NCA) will be established to which these social media companies have to answer. NCA could also be challenged by social media companies in the High Court within 30 days.

The intolerable or blasphemous content or any other content which is against the national institutions will be closely watched by law enforcement agencies. The content against Pakistan uploaded from abroad will also be watched by law agencies.

NCA has the power to block the online company if the content is not blocked.


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