SBP Receives $1.3 Billion As GOP Loan From Chinese Banks

The State Bank of  Pakistan (SBP) has announced via its Twitter handle that an amount of $1. billion has been received from Chinese banks as loan disbursements.

 “SBP has received $1.3 billion as GOP loan disbursements from Chinese Banks this week. This brings the total amount of official inflows received from 23rd June 2020 to around $3 billion,” the bank said.

This will make the total loan disbursement amount around $3 billion since 23rd June 2020 as SBP has received amount before.

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Previously it has received 500 million dollars from the World Bank and 500 million dollars from the Asian Development Bank.

The ADB approved the loan to improve the health sector whereas the World Bank approved the loan to improve the healthcare and the education system.


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