Search engine giant “Google” discloses that malicious websites hacking into iPhone for stealing data.


Google recently announced that a series of different websites have been stealing data which includes passwords, messages, photos, names of the sender and receiver of the messages and even GPS location in real-time. One of the main reasons identified is iOS unattended and unchecked vulnerabilities.

The malware responsible for stealing information has zero-interaction and is present on websites with thousands of visitors every week. This malware gets installed even if you don’t click or scroll. However, it can be removed once you reboot your iPhone. The specific community was targeted by the hacks.

In February 2019, security research imitative by Google unveiled an in-depth analysis of Apple.  According to this analysis, five unique and separate exploit chains which were benefiting from Apple’s fourteen vulnerabilities. Apple did not know about them until project zero disclosed these vulnerabilities. Apple was able to fix these vulnerabilities in 7 days. These vulnerabilities were even there in iOS 10 and updating iOS 12.1.2 covering almost every version.


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