Sindh Government TO Implement The Federal Government Strategy

Sindh government has decided to implement the same strategy devised by the Federal Government according to Murtaza Wahab. He revealed that during a press conference in Karachi.

“Today CM Murad attended a National Com­mand and Operation Centre (NCOC) meeting at 10am. And he will also meet the prime minister and others later today to present his point of view. But for the sake of the country, we will implement [in Sindh] whatever the federal government decides going forward,” Wahab said.

He also highlighted that Sindh Government was under threat because of PTI leaders.

“Unfortunately, due to the mixed messaging by the central government, the common man is still in denial and says ‘there is no such thing as corona’,” Wahab said.

“Irresponsible statements by the government have resulted in a spike in both new cases and deaths,” he added.

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