Sindh Govt has established the world’s largest 2000 beds emergency care & cure center

Sindh Government has established the world’s largest Coronavirus care and cure center. The facility consists of 2000 beds flats block and is located in Labour Colony, Sukkur Sindh. Pakistan is already doing much efforts to fight the pandemic.

WHO declares Pakistan among the best fighters against coronavirus and has admired Pakistan’s efforts to prevent the spread of deadly disease. The pandemic has already claimed more than 5000 lives across the world. Tally of coronavirus cases in Pakistan has reached up to 106 with 88 cases in Sindh only. One confirmed case of coronavirus is reported today in Lahore, Punjab. However, the number of affectees is highest in Sindh and Sindh government is taking all steps to prevent the spread. It is expected that the border of Sindh will be ceased and no one will be allowed to enter or exit Sindh from other provinces.

Prime minister Imran Khan held a meeting in which it was decided to close borders with Iran and Afghanistan, allow only three airports – Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore – to operate international flights in limited numbers while other airports will see domestic flights, and ban public gatherings.


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