Singapore Moving Towards Safe Reopening

Singapore will now ease the circuit breaker in three phases as the number of cases has decreased significantly. The plan has been constituted very carefully as revealed by  Minister Lawrence Wong, at the press conference on COVID-19 on 19 May 2020

” We have to do this in a very careful and calibrated manner, because we do not want to risk a flaring up of the virus again. And importantly, we do not want to sacrifice the efforts that all of us have put in over the past few weeks in controlling the outbreak,” she said.

In the first phase, children will allowed to go back to school, resuming  the operation of stores with essentials and easing the transport like visiting parents and places of worship.

In phase two, food and entertainment outlets will be allowed to operate since the small gatherings are expected as a result of phase I.

In phase III, there will be small gatherings related to culture, religious and acadmey

This whole process according to many will make up the “new normal” until the nw vaccine is not found for COVID-29.


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