Spanish Man Accused Of Infecting 22 People With Coronavirus

Spanish Man Accused Of Infecting 22 People With Coronavirus

A Spanish man with Coronavirus symptoms who coughed on work colleagues has been accused of 'intentionally causing injury' after reportedly infecting 22 people. He told them I’m going to give you all the coronavirus.

As per Spanish police, their investigation started after a Covid-19 epidemic at the company where the man aged 40 years worked on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca. 

Few days before the outbreak, the man disclosed Coronavirus symptoms but rejected his colleague’s advice to go home and self-isolate, according to the police’s statement.

After showing no improvement, he went for a PCR test after his work before visiting a gym and returning to work the next day. Although his seniors suggested him to go home after he reportedly had shown a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, the man rejected this suggestion also.

He moved around his workplace, lowering his face mask, and coughing on people, stating I’m going to infect you all with the coronavirus, as per the police’s statement.

At the end of the day, his PCR test came back positive. His colleagues were also tested then, and five showed positive results. They in turn infected family members which included three infants, police stated. In the gym where the man visited, three people tested positive and infected family members. However, none of those infected needed hospitalizations, according to the police.

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The man who was not identified by police, charged by the judge, and released on Saturday evening to await trial, reported by Spain’s news agency reported.