Strict Action To Be Taken Against Pilots With Fake Licenses

Following the event of the PK-8303 air crash, concerned authorities have decided to start an investigation against those pilots having fake licenses. The decision was made in the National Assembly.

The list of pilots with fake licenses has been convened from Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and strict action will be taken against the pilots in the list.

 “Such pilots will be grounded forthwith till completion of the inquiry against them,” sources said.

Pilots with fake licenses are a threat to the safety of flights according to them.

The sources also revealed that 150 pilots are holding fake licenses and they have been flying around.

PIA chief Air Marshall Arshad Malik is meeting the legal and flight operations teams regarding the issue.

Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan also reported that 30percent of pilots with fake degrees are recruited. Even 262 pilots didn’t pass their examination, someone else appeared in exams for them, and they have no proper flight experience,” he said.

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Twenty-four of them were issued show-cause notices and nine pilots while weeping before courts accepted their mistake,” Sarwar said. “No politics or favoritism will be involved in the matter.”


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