Supreme Courts Wants a Clear Answer On Encroachment Clarence In Kraachi

Supreme Courts Wants a Clear Answer On Encroachment Clarence In Kraachi

In an attempt to revive the Karachi Circular Railways (KCR), the bench proceeded with the hearing of the case regarding the railway tracks.

The Pakistan Railway counsel informed the Supreme Court that they had submitted its report regarding the matter under discussion.

However, Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed complained that the report submitted was not clear enough and distorts the picture of the whole scenario. How the train will run when the land adjacent to track has been under encroachment,” the CJP said.

The CEO Railway replied, " The path for running a train has been cleared.”

 “Talk as a responsible officer,” Chief Justice retorted. “Don’t you think the encroached land not belong to the Railways,” CJP asked. “The Railways should have cleared everything to appear before the court,” he further added.

“Take tractor with you and demolish all encroachments,” the leading judge remarked.

“A building just has a distance of four feet from the railway track,” Justice Faisal Arab notified.

The bench has strictly directed the Pakistan Railways to clear the land along the railway track.

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During the last month, Pakistan Railways informed the court that encroachments around the KCR railway tracks have been cleared. The chief justice regretted the decision of granting time at the end of the hearing since KCR was not revived as directed.