Team Green Raising The Bar With Their Exceptional Performance At WWC!

Team Green Raising The Bar With Their Exceptional Performance At WWC!

Pakistan made history, thankfully, at the Global Tennis Organization (ITF) Wheelchair World Group Cup Qualifiers as they made their first international appearance and in addition to this crushed India by a score of 2-1 in the primary set of their group in Antalya.

It makes the nation so proud, that this is the first time in the country's set of experiences that the wheelchair tennis competitors are contending on a global occasion.

Speaking of the first grouping, they have been paired with India and Malaysia. The Vice President of the Pakistan Tennis Federation is reported to have said:

“This has been one of our goals and it has been very impactful for Pakistan to perform so well here,” vice president of Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) Khalid Rehmani told The Express Tribune, who specializes in wheelchair and beach tennis.


“We defeated the Indian team that had very experienced players, who have been into wheelchair tennis for more than a decade. Meanwhile, our players have been playing wheelchair tennis for the past few years only.”

The qualifying groups, include teams from Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe, as they will need to book one of the four spots in men's occasion as the World Group Cup, which will happen from the second of May in Portugal.

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Vice President, Rehmani also added that the delegates from different nations were astonished to see Pakistan play well, as the game just started appropriately in Pakistan as of late, also because Pakistan’s been looked down upon in terms of games quite a lot of times, so this achievement in itself is deserving of major appreciation. He said that after selecting the most skillful players, and providing them training for about 3-4 months, this is the outcome that has come. Rehmani added that the vast majority of the players who attended the court dates were impacted by polio, which makes the heart of the nation swell with pride. He stated, that the objective was to ensure that the players get global openness that can motivate different players too.

One of the difficulties with wheelchair tennis in Pakistan is the absence of seats, yet over the most recent three years, the Sindh Tennis Affiliation roped in a nearby producer who made 15 seats for the tennis players, which is a relief.

Presently the objective is the Asian Games, while also figuring out how to work with particular mentors for wheelchair tennis players all over the country.