Textile Industry In Pakistan Gets a Major Boost This Financial Year

There is a hike of 8.69% of knitwear exports which is worth $1.320 billion. These exports were recorded in the first five months of the financial year.

According to the data reported by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, 51,240 knitwear has been exported. This is 8.69%  more than the knitwear exported last year which as 48315 dozen valuing 1.215 billion.

Readymade garments have also taken an increment of 13.19% since the country has been able to generate a revenue of $1.156 billion with the exports of 21,181 thousand dozen of readymade garments.

Textile industry experts have recorded a major boost of 4.68% as the exports this year were worth $5.763 billion were exported as compared to exports worth $5.506 billion in the same period of last year. Bed wears worth $1.103 billion are being exported.

However, the cotton industry has seen a decrease of $3.74as the cotton worth 847.106 million is being exported in comparison to $880.050 million in the same period of last year.


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