The Presence Of Different Variants In Pakistan Confirmed By NCOC

The Presence Of Different Variants In Pakistan Confirmed By NCOC

Two million additional doses of the Sino­vac vaccine reached Pakistan on Tuesday from China.

However, the Natio­nal Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) confirmed the presence of different coronavirus variants in Pakistan, including the alpha (UK), beta (South African), and delta (Indian) variants, and detection of their cases in May and June.

As per a study conducted by World Health Organi­sation (WHO) in 28 countries, medicines that block the effects of interleukin-6 reduce the need for mechanical ventilation and the risk of death by Covid-19.

Interleukin-6 (IL-6) is a protein produced by various cells to helps regulate immune responses.

As per the NCOC, the presence of different variants of coronavirus in Pakistan has been monitored by the National Institute of Health (NIH) through whole-genome sequen­cing of Covid-19 patients’ samples.

“According to the samples collected in late May and the first half of June 2021, there are different variants of concern which are present including the delta, beta, and alpha variants. The data has been shared with the Field Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance Division of NIH for response activities such as contact tracing and quarantine, as well as with other relevant national stakeholders,” it said.

The data provided by NCOC indicated 25 deaths and 830 new cases reported in a single day. The number of active cases was 33,390 whereas 2,223 patients were admitted to hospitals on July 6.

The number of cases, which were more than 1,000 for five consecutive days, dropped to three digits i.e. 830. But, an official of the Ministry of National Health Services (NHS) said that a sudden rise or fall in the number of cases can be reported in a single day and that is the reason weekly data is considered reliable.

According to Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Dr. Faisal Sultan, indications are showing that the situation has started getting worse.

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“Last week’s Covid data show a small but definitive surge in cases, percentage positivity and other parameters. Masks, continued vaccination, and avoidance of large crowds remain crucial tools in this work,” he wrote on Twitter.