Trump’s Suggested Drug For COVID-19 Can Kill More Than Save

The anti-viral drug hydroxychloroquine which has been suggested by Trump was tested 100,000 coronavirus patients and has shown no significant results. it has also reported a likelihood of increased death rate.

The drug is used for arthritis but many officials including Trump himself have been using the drug for preventing coronavirus.

“Treatment with chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine does not benefit patients with Covid-19,” said Mandeep Mehra. Instead, our findings suggest it may be associated with an increased risk of serious heart problems and increased risk of death,” he added.

FDA of America also warn against the drug.

“We now know from our study that the chance that these medications improve outcomes in Covid-19 is quite low.” Stephen Griffin, associate professor at the University of Leeds’ School of Medicine

“It is clear that high-profile endorsements for taking these drugs without clinical oversight is both misguided and irresponsible.”


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