UK Coronavirus Variant Detected In 3 Samples In Pakistan

UK Coronavirus Variant Detected In 3 Samples In Pakistan

On Tuesday, the Sindh health authorities announced that the new UK coronavirus variant which is discovered in the UK has been identified in the swab samples of three passengers who recently returned to Pakistan from Great Britain.

The Sindh Health Department took a corona test of 12 people who returned from the UK for genotyping out of 12 people 6 of them were found to be Covid-19 positive, according to the media.

In a statement by the department, "3 samples showed the new variant for the COVID-19 in the first stage"
The statement added the genotyping revealed it to be a 95 percent match of the new covid-19 strain, which is 70 percent more contagious and could be more transmittable.

The health authorities have started to contact tracing of the patients and are placing them in isolation.

The spokesperson of the Department, Meeran Yousuf told to media, "These three samples will go for the second round of research and testing."

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The increase appears as Pakistan's overall covid-19 cases. On Tuesday, the statistics of covid cases in Pakistan are at 475,085. Since the covid pandemic hit the country on 26th February 2020, the virus has claimed 9,992 lives. In December, 1,800 deaths have been reported.