UK Health Minister Says Indian Variant ‘40 Percent More Transmissible’

UK Health Minister Says Indian Variant ‘40 Percent More Transmissible’

UK’s health minister on Sunday stated that the Indian variant of the coronavirus is predictable to be 40% more transmissible as compared to the Alpha variant that affected the UK as ‘the last wave of infections’.

But persons who got vaccinated with two doses should also be protected against either variant, he elaborated.

“The figure, about 40% more transmissible, is the latest advice I have right now,” stated Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

According to Public Health England figures, the Indian variant, also known as the Delta variant, is now the main tension in the UK.

Whereas, it was the Alpha variant, or the Kent variant (former name), that resulted in a lockdown in the UK in January.

According to Hancock, the 40% figure was reported by the government body of scientific advisors, SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies).

The situation is getting alarming as the surge of the Delta variant threatens the government’s conditional deadline of June 21 for lifting virus restrictions.

As per Hancock’s acknowledgment, the Indian variant makes the calculation more difficult for June 21.

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“We’ll review the data for another week and then will make a decision,” he updated the BBC on Sunday, emphasizing that the government was ‘unconditionally open’ to delay the lifting of restrictions.