Hamza Ali Abbasi Quits Showbiz and Decides to Devote His Life For Islam and...

Hamza Ali Abbasi says goodbye to showbiz and decided to live rest of his life for Islam. He announced about the decision in a video message and told briefly about his life...

How to Make Money on YouTube!?

We live in an era where people are always in a search of easy and convenient ways of making money. There are number of platforms used for the purpose. YouTube is among...

Security Software Offer Makes Man Lose £4,000

https://www.facebook.com/bbcmoney/videos/1500758303398861/UzpfSTIzOTkzMTM4OTU0NTQxNzoxMjQ3MjY5NTY4ODExNTg5/ Source: BBC Technology

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