WhatsApp Expected To Introduce New “Group Privacy” Settings

Finally, Whatsapp has introduced new group privacy and blacklist options. For now, this feature is rolling out in the latest beta build.

The new feature allows you to have control over who can add you and can’t add you to group chats. This feature is only introduced to 2.19.298 Android beta or iOS beta.

You can even blacklist certain contacts to add you to a group chat. New WhatsApp is now a must for those who don’t want to be in a group chat.

These settings are said to improve the security of the communication patterns and save the users from removing themselves from different groups in which you have been added without your consent. WhatsApp is striving hard to facilitate its users. Previously WhatsApp has introduced sharing WhatsApp status to Facebook story.

This may stop strangers, especially those in your contact list,  from getting confidential information. You will always get a private before you join a group chat.

To access this new feature go to options tab on the right corner, tap on Settings>Accounts> Groups and there you go, get started with this new option. You can have limited invited from “Everyone”, “Contacts” or a list of contacts can be blocked with the option “My Contact Except”.

Currently, this feature is only being tested previously known as “group privacy” in India only. However, the feature still has to be introduced in many other countries. The testing has also made it unclear when the group options will be introduced to full WhatsApp build.


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