Widely Relied On “Cut, Copy and Paste Command” Inventor Dies.


Larry Tesler, a pioneering computer scientist specialized in human-computer interactions having a number of prominent accomplishments including the invention of the most widely used “Cut, Copy and Paste” command has died at the age of 74 on Monday, 17th February 2020.

“Tesler created the idea of ‘cut, copy, & paste’ and combined computer science training with a counterculture vision that computers should be for everyone,” 

Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley

Larry Tesler is a graduate of Stanford University and specialized in human-computer interaction. He worked in different prominent IT giants including Amazon, Apple, Yahoo, and the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC).

The cut and paste command was reportedly inspired by old-time editing that involved actually cutting portions of printed text and affixing them elsewhere with adhesive.



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