Xiaomi All Screen Body takes the war of smartphones to another level

Xiaomi has launched Mi Mix Alpha with shocking features bringing major changes in the design ideology. It has introduced an all display which wraps around the display and the body. It seems like the phone is entirely made of LED with just a rectangular bar of three cameras. 180.6% of the phone is screen.

Source: Xiaomi Official

Previously Samsung launched Galaxy s10 and Note 10 and Apple launched iPhone 11. Samsung phones only had three more cameras was updated to 5G and iPhone 11 had three new cameras. LG focussed on the display introducing a foldable screen. However, Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha takes the crown on pushing the design and display boundaries.

Moreover, the internal features are quite impressive too. It has a 12 GB RAM and 512 GB of storage. Accidental touches are controlled by an advanced Artificial Intelligence to assess the application being used while monitoring the display of the screen. It also uses the accelerometer to make sure the app appears in the correct direction.

Among the three cameras, the primary camera is 108 MP, the second one is 20 MP and the third one is 12 MP. With all these stupendous features, the price is also opulent which is $2812.


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