Youth More Vulnerable To Covid-19?

Youth More Vulnerable To Covid-19?

According to a study done by the Punjab Government, people that belong to the 31-45 age group are more susceptible to the Covid-19 virus, after this people from age group 16-30 are vulnerable.

This contradicts the earlier reports that claimed that older generations were more vulnerable and the younger one was less.

The study suggests that the reason for the younger generation being more prone to getting infected could be that people in these age groups are involved in more outdoor activities compared to other age groups. The people in the vulnerable group are mostly working at the office or running a business, some are also a school, college, or university students, and for this, they have regularly interacted or come in contact with people. Thus, this can increase the chances of the spread of viruses.

According to the statistics in Punjab, 32,060 of total cases were people from age group 31-45 and for other age groups, the number collectively is 29,849.

As per the data, health professionals regulating and observing COVID-19 patients are also a very highly vulnerable group. About 23 percent of health professionals looking after infected patients contact virus, which is also a huge number.

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In the last twenty-four hours, coronavirus took 9 new lives in Punjab, taking the death toll to 2438. About 390 positive cases have also surfaced in the province in the last twenty-four hours.