MVM-Yutong project is expected to launch in the coming year to produce electric buses in Pakistan. Both the business giants have recently signed a memorandum of understanding through CPEC initiatives. to carry on the project.

According to recent reports, the project will launch in February 2020. Also, during the launch MVM-YUTONG will perform a trial run for electric vehicles. At the beginning, the plan is to integrate the EV of YUTONG into the metro buses of Pakistan. Eventually, the project will expand to other modes of transport.

This initiative will bring more economic stability in the country. Also, electric buses will replace a large number of cars. Additionally, this will help in reducing air pollution. However, making Pakistan the world’s most sustainable, zero-emission and the clean green progressive country is the primary objective of this transport service.

Zhengzhou Yutong Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale industrial group specializes in the bus business. In 2018, the Yutong Group totally delivered 63,526 units of buses and construction machinery. The turnover of Yutong Group reached 48.5 billion yuan. It is on Top in China’s bus industry in terms of the enterprise scale and sales performance.

MVM Energy is the largest power company from Hungary, working to produce and distribute electricity.


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