Zong 3G/4G Speed Test

Zong 3G/4G Speed Test

Test your 3G/4G connection speed with Techgen

Zong Speed Test

Find out the download speed of the Zong 3G/4G internet. The slow connections are frustrating and we all know that. Run the Zong 3G/4G internet speed test to know about the exact speed of your internet.  Want to know how many users are connected to your internet connection? Test at different times of the day. This test will not fail you even in peak hours. Make sure to charge your phone before you test Zong 3G/4G internet speed.

Here are a few things you need to do before starting the Zong 3G/4G speed test:

  • Any tab streaming video and music such as Netflix, Spotify, Pandora should be closed before testing the internet speed.
  • Any app/program which uses the internet connection should be closed before you start the speed test.
  • Make sure to charge your phone.

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