'Enormous' Dinosaur Species Discovered in Australia

'Enormous' Dinosaur Species Discovered in Australia

Paleontologists in Australia have identified a new species of dinosaurs, naming it the Australotitan Cooperensis and recognizing it not only as the largest animal to ever roam the continent but also among the biggest in the world. More than a decade after cattle farmers first uncovered bones of the animal.

According to a research paper published on Monday, between 92 to 96 million years ago when Australia was attached to the Antarctica plant-eating sauropod found in the Cretaceous. 

Australian Cooperensis, was a long-necked sauropod that is estimated to have reached 25-30 metres (82-98 feet) in length and 5-6.5 metres (16-21 feet) in height, making it as long as a basketball court and as high as a two-storey building.

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That makes the new species the largest dinosaur ever found in Australia and puts it in the top five in the world, joining an elite group of Titanosauria previously only discovered in South America. And researches show that till now the largest Titanosauria Species found in Argentinian.

For the first time Team used 3D Technology to study and analyze each of the bones, then compared them to its closest relatives, Wintonotitan, Diamantinasaurus and Savannasaurus.

Dinosaur bones were placed in different museums across the world and they are extremely heavy. The lead author Dr. Scott Hocknull said in a statement,  "To make sure Australotitan was a different species, we needed to compare its bones to the bones of other species from Queensland and globally. This was a very long and painstaking task."