Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard-The Famous Hollywood Verdict

Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard-The Famous Hollywood Verdict

June 1, 2022, is a historic day for the Pirates of the Caribbean fans as the famous Hollywood star Johnny Depp has won his defamation trial. The renowned celebrity trial glued millions of people to their screens as they were impatiently waiting for the final verdict by the jury.

At the start of this trial, both the parties accused each other of domestic abuse, but what is the truth?

When these trials commenced, most the people sided with Johnny Depp. It is pertinent to mention that the previous version of the case was not in favor of Johnny when there was clear evidence of domestic abuse from both sides.

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After the verdict, heard talked to the media and mentioned that this decision was unfair and is a significant setback for all women subjected to domestic violence.

It all started when in 2018, Heard mentioned that she is a public figure who represents domestic abuse. After this, Depp filed a defamation case against Heard. After this accusation against Depp, he was poorly viewed and removed from the Pirates of the Caribbean, where he played the lead role. Filmmakers and producers stopped contacting him, leaving his career in a devastating position.

After the verdict, he posted a statement on Instagram. He mentioned, “I also hope that the position will now return to innocent until proven guilty, both within the courts and media.”

In retrospect, this case proved that Depp is still a public sensation and has the capability of stealing the nation’s attention.