New Allegations: Iran Missiles Responsible For The Ukranian Plane Crash

New Allegations: Iran Missiles Responsible For The Ukranian Plane Crash

The Ukrainian Boeing 737-800 which crashed shortly after taking-off in Iran on Wednesday is suspected to be taken down by Iranian missiles. It killed all 176 people on board. Evidence suggests that Iranian missiles have brought down the plane.

Many leaders suggest that it would have been hit by mistake. This plane came shortly after Iran struck a dozen missiles on two airbases houses Us forces in Iraq.

Who were the victims?

The passengers included 82 Iranians, 63 Canadians, 4 Afghans, and 3 Germans. There were 11 crew members too. According to a few sources, a total of 147 Iranians have been killed who had dual nationality.

What does the video show?

A video has been obtained by many networks which show a missile fired into the sky and hitting an object. This video was recorded around the same time the Ukranian plane crashed near Tehran.

Canada and Britain Narrative

Canadian Prime Minister came forward with the verdict by Canda’s intelligence that said that commercial aircraft was struck by Iranian missiles. Canda has lost 63 citizens in the crash of the Ukrainian flight. He avoided adding any details about any other details about the crash. However he did add, ” This may have been unintentional,”

Short after his press conference, British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson announced that the country’s intelligence made the same conclusion which is Iranian missiles brought the plane with 176passengers down.

Johnson also suspected the attack to be unintentional. He said, ” here is now a body of information that the flight was shot down by an Iranian Surface to Air Missile. This may well have been unintentional. We are working closely with Canada and our international partners and there now needs to be a full, transparent investigation.”

US Narrative

Many US officials have suspected that the attack was definitely unintentional. The data from satellite radar is still being obtained. However, US saw the Iranian radar lock the jetliner before taking it down. This analysis was obtained on the morning of the crash but was taken under consideration for another day. President Trump also raised his speculation making a dramatic statement on Monday saying.

“somebody could have made a mistake on the other side.

The intense attacks between Iran and Washington have raised many speculations about a proxy war in the Middle East

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