The main global events to expect from 2022

The main global events to expect from 2022
Source: Esquire Middle East

As the new year approaches, so does the reshaping of global events. From major political transposition to economic rise and fall, here are a few stories that will shape the world of 2022.

  1. China’s democratic demolition and rise in power

In 2022, china would challenge America’s status of “superpower” on more realistic grounds. The ruling party will celebrate its 20th anniversary in November. The leader Xi Jinping’s ambition would shine in China. Unlike Mao’s “closed for the world” China, Jinping has different ambitions for the country.

David Rennie, Bejing Bureau Chief at The Economist stated,

“Xi’s idea of this kind is uniquely impressive and powerful Chinese leader is that he is going to be a rival center of gravity to an America that the communist party at least is sure on its way out.”

While this would be happening in China, a poll suggests that USA’s president Joe Biden would lose the majority of its seats in upcoming mid-term elections.

“If you look at the communist parties in China and you look at the images from the West particularly America and you see chaos, you see protests, you see violence, you see racial divisions. Democracy in the American sense is a wicked lie that pretends to be a system that delivers for ordinary people but it can’t even achieve the basic achievement of keeping people safe and alive in the pandemic,” said David Rennie.

In recent addresses, president Joe Biden also claimed that America is falling behind in proving its status as a democratic superpower. This is likely that China’s autocracy would take over and prove to be much reliable than America's democracy.

And the future China brings might have more misery in it than development as much of China is poor and polluted if pretentious skyscrapers are neglected.

And by the end of 2022, president Xi will cement Chinese control over the world and the country would be ready to begin “a post-American” age.

  1. Hybrid and remote work becomes a new norm

In the world of 2022, people would get back to offices to have a different routine and days of on-site work. The post-pandemic corporate life would be mostly hybrid and remote.

“A hybrid model is really some sort of a  mix. It tends to be a mix of working in the office and working from home,” said Sacha Nauta, Deputy Executive Editor at The Economist.

Working parents and people whose budget is mostly disturbed due to travel expenses would benefit greatly from hybrid and remote work. Possibly, hybrid work can remove the inequality in pays women fac in the corporate world.

A survey in America says that an employee wants to work four days from home. But bosses want them to attend the office for four days and work remotely for one day only.

But the biggest drawback of the hybrid work model is the lack of chances to network, brainstorm, and add creativity to the work. If these pitfalls are taken care of, then the hybrid model is excellent for organizations and employees.

Remote and hybrid work routines benefit women with families to take care of more than men who are still willing to work full time in the office. It’s not a gender or racial bias that managers want subordinates to be in the office. Normally, managers think that people who attend office are more dedicated than those who don’t.

But the biggest drawback for women is that f hybrid models keep on going like this, then offices would soon look like the 1950s when only men used to do corporate work. This would waste all the effort made to gain equality.

  1. The Metaverse expansion

Metaverse has been everywhere since the announcement by Mark Zuckerberg back in October. 2022 would bring Metaverse to life. Thinking what Metaverse is? It’s the internet you can actually interact with. It is the idea of online virtual worlds and the idea of linking them together.

All these worlds interconnected into a physical world brings all sorts of new and exciting possibilities. You might have seen virtual reality connecting people in the gaming world like Fortnite and Freefire. But Metaverse is not just for gamers.

After the pandemic, the virtual interaction has arrived to stay with us. Workplace platforms like Zoom and Meetings have helped us in the start of the pandemic. But now, Facebook and Microsoft intend to take it to the next level by creating virtual 3D platforms where workers can interact while keeping physical distance. Facebook has already invested over 10 billion dollars to make the Metaverse a reality.

In 2022, Metaverse would become a huge reality with maximum audience indulging in.

  1. An African Fashion boom

New centers of fashion are likely to emerge from Africa in 2022. As the sequel of the movie Black Panther would be released by Marvel studios next year, the world would embrace African fashion ideas.

But the release of the sequel is just one of the factors that would lunge African designers into the limelight. African designers are making sustainable fashion a huge part of their brands and handmade products would be promoted worldwide in 2022 that would highlight the uniqueness of African fashion to the whole world.

After the major deaths of black people back in 2020, the Black Lives Matter movement has paved the path for the community to flourish. The black designers would take most of the spotlight in 2022 and this would also benefit the part of the black community who don’t belong professionally to the fashion world.

  1. Space race picks up the pace

2022 would see a new and serious race among space organizations and billionaires. The term “space race” has been existing ever since the launch of Sputnik in 1957. The term takes a more real shape now.

By the end of the year, China will complete its Tiangong space station. China was excluded from the space station and now intends to prove that it can build its own. But China and America are not the only ones competing in the space game. India is likely to land a rover on the moon again after failing. India believes that being able to send objects on the moon would establish them as a superpower.

But the real space race is between Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Richard Branson. SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, and Blue Origin have been sending people to space already and the numbers would increase in 2022. People would go as paying tourists and not just the government astronauts. This would make space tourism a norm and maximum people would be able to see outside the Earth.