Why Prince George Will Never Be The King?

Why Prince George Will Never Be The King?

The heir to the throne Prince George will most probably never be a King and there are number of reasons why.

Prince William’s first born Prince George who is only a seven year old may never get to sit on the throne mostly because his grandfather Prince Charles and Father Prince William are in the line before him.

Even the grandfather and the father of the little prince have been waiting for a long period with no sign of the Queen Elizabeth stepping down anytime soon and so the gap keeps on increasing.

This is one of the reason that the royal expert are sceptical about Prince George ever taking the crown.

Another reason is the declining interest of the public in the monarch and thus it is estimated that monarchy would not survive by that time.

During 70 years of reign under the Queen of England, the interest and loyalty to the reigning monarch or royal family has waned, especially in younger generations who do not feel it is relevant anymore.

One of the reason is that monarchy might not survive because of rule of those that will come before Prince George. The queen and her father George VI led the kingdom in exemplary manner, however Prince Charles many believe does not have the potential or the characteristics of a great king.

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Thus royal experts believe that for the little prince to becoming the ruling king will depend on how his grandfather and father lead the kingdom before him.