World's First Space Hotel will make your Dream of Vacationing in Space A Reality.

World's First Space Hotel will make your Dream of Vacationing in Space A Reality.

Gateway Foundation has made an exciting announcement of opening the main Hotel in space, named Voyager Station, in 2027. Initially, this hotel was planned to be opened in 2025, however, covid related deferrals have pushed this back to 2027 said the organization. A new construction company run by former pilot John Blincow is planning to open a luxury space hotel. 

Voyager Station will be built by construction company Orbital Assembly Corporation, which depicts itself as "the world's first enormous scope space development organization".According to the organization, the construction of the 50,000-square-meter facility will start in 2026 with the first passengers visiting the hotel in 2027. And for facilitating guests its cost for 3 days will be Rs 36 crores.

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The Voyager station would accommodate 280 guests and 112 crew members, aims to be the first commercial space hotel upon completion. The principal component to be constructed will be a focal un-compressed ring structure that will contain the docking center at its middle.

The Voyager Station will be equipped with all the facilities and luxuries you can expect from a 5-star hotel. The hotel will contain luxury villas, restaurants, bars, and a gym. These villas will have sleeping space for 16 along with three bathrooms and cooking facilities. There is also a concert area where well-known rock-stars from earth perform at night.