China Labels One-Sided Decision Regarding The Kashmir Issue Illegal

China Labels One-Sided Decision Regarding The Kashmir Issue Illegal

The Chinese Foreign Minister that Beijing has developed a clear stance on the Kashmir issue. This development labels any change in the status quo illegal and invalid if it is one-sided.

“Our position is consistent and clear. This issue is a dispute left over from history between Pakistan and India that is an objective fact established by the United Nations Charter, United Nations Security Council’s resolutions and bilateral agreement between Pakistan and India,”  Wang Wenbin, the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson told during the press briefing.

China is of the view that the issue can be resolved only if the concerned parties communicate through dialogues. The issue should be sorted out peacefully.

The spokesperson revealed that China has a follow up of the atrocities conducted in Kashmir, ceasefire violations, and the false rhetoric against Pakistan.

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“The Chinese side hopes that the two nations could properly handle differences through dialogue, improves relations and jointly safeguard peace, stability, and development of both countries and the wider region,” he added considering the countries were neighbors which could not move away.

Regarding the new map unveiled by Pakistan with Kashmir as disputed territory, the spokesperson revealed that he has made the position of China on Kashmir issue clear and will not repeat again.