Fatwa issued against Facebook 'haha' Emoji.

Fatwa issued against Facebook 'haha' Emoji.

"If we react with haha emojis purely out of fun and the same was intended by the person who posted the content, it’s fine. But if your reaction was intended to mock or ridicule people who posted or made comments on social media, it’s totally forbidden in Islam,” Ahmadullah added.

A well-known Islamic cleric named Ahmadullah with huge fan following and very strong digital presence has recently issued fatwa that using laughing emoji on facebook is forbidden in Islam. 

In a 3 minutes long video message which was uploaded on 19th June in which he discussed how using 'haha' react on people's comments and posts is forbidden in Islam and declared it 'Haram'. 

“For God’s sake, I request you to refrain from this act. Do not react with ‘haha’ to mock someone. If you hurt a Muslim, he may respond with bad language that would be unexpected.” he says. 

Noticeably, Ahmadullah has more than 3 million followers in facebook and Youtube, and alone this three minutes video has more than 2 million views. 

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Ahmadullah is among Bangladesh's new crop of internet-savvy Islamic preachers who have drawn millions of followers online.

Their commentaries on religious and social issues are hugely popular, drawing millions of views per video. He is not only very active on social media but also regularly appear on different TV shows and talk about different issues.