Gaddafi Stadium To Be Given A New Name

Gaddafi Stadium To Be Given A New Name

The PCB is set to change the name of Lahore's notable Gaddafi Stadium, almost 50 years after it was named to pay tribute to previous Libyan president Muammar Gaddafi. The explanation, be that as it may, isn't political. PCB director Ramiz Raja is reported to have said that now that the board was in cutting-edge dealings with various backers, one of them would win the option to have the arena renamed after it.

Ramiz Raja said:

"We acquired the services of YouGov to estimate the brand worth of our stadia, and how much sponsorship deals would be worth,"

And "That's not just true of the Gaddafi Stadium, but also the NSK and others. We've been working towards this for a while, and the response from sponsors has been satisfactory. Once we finalize a deal [for Lahore], the name Gaddafi will go completely, with a sponsor's name replacing it."

While there have been a few maneuvers in the past to change the name of the arena, those were for political reasons. In February 2013, not long after Gaddafi's demise, the Punjab Olympic Association asked the common boss clergyman to rename the arena with regards to expanding popular assessment against the previous Libyan pioneer.

This time, however, it's absolutely monetary. Furthermore, the National Stadium in Karachi, as well as other significant cricket stadia around the nation, could likewise be renamed whenever supports are arranged. The adjustment of name, if and when it occurs, will likewise mean the end for one of the quirkiest setting names in the cricket world. The arena was initially named Lahore Stadium when it was worked in 1959. In any case, in 1974, when Gaddafi visited Lahore, he gave a discourse for Pakistan's all in all correct to seek after atomic weapons at the Organization of Islamic Conference. It prompted the then head of the state of Pakistan, Zulfiqar Ali

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After some time, the arena's name has developed past the name of the legislator that roused it. The name is currently considered more to be a depiction of a schedule of the political environment in Pakistan of the 1970s instead of underwriting for a specific sort of international strategy.

At the point when Gaddafi was removed from power, there were solid ideas Pakistan cricket could hope to separate its most popular arena from him, however, that development step by step fell away.