Horrifying Bangladesh Fire Incident Killed Dozens

Horrifying Bangladesh Fire Incident Killed Dozens

A huge fire in Bangladesh has taken the lives of over 52 people in a food processing factory in Bangladesh, forcing several workers to save their lives by jumping from the upper floors, according to media reports on Friday.

As per the rescue officials, around 30 people sustained injuries in the Bangladesh fire incident, while hundreds of concerned relatives and other workers waited anxiously outside the factory as it continued to blaze.

The fire erupted at Hashem Food and Beverage factory in Rupganj at around 5 pm on Thursday, according to police and witnesses.

“A search and rescue operation will be conducted inside once the fire is under control. Then we would be able to confirm any further casualties, if any,” stated fire service spokesman Debashish Bardhan.

The injured were loaded in several ambulances to rush them to the hospital for medical assistance amid tears from the public watching in the streets.

According to Dinu Moni Sharma, head of the Dhaka fire department, the fire occurred due to the presence of highly flammable chemicals and plastics that had been stockpiled inside.

However, Mohammad Saiful, a factory worker who survived the fire, stated that dozens of people were inside when the fire erupted.

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“On the third floor, gates on both halls were closed. As per other colleagues, there were 48 people inside. I don’t know what happened to them,” he elaborated.