How To Start Exercise: For Beginners

How To Start Exercise:  For Beginners

To remain in good health a balanced diet and exercise are important. For exercise, you don’t need to visit any gym or having expensive machines for a workout. You can make your home a gym by using simple tips and tricks.

A walk for fifteen minutes is also considered as an exercise. It warms up your body and helps in the fat burning process. Due to tough routine and crowded areas, people avoid going for a walk. No need to worry here are the simple steps you can perform to reduce your weight or maintain your figure 

Select a peaceful area in your home and sit calmly for 5 minutes; it will reduce your stress level. Stand straight put your hands on waist and start jumping (20 times). Stretch your arms on both sides and jumps for 20 times. Expand your arms in front and jumps for more 20 times and complete the cycle. Now take deep breaths for 2 minutes.

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how to start exercise: Squats

Next, set your position for the next exercise that is squat; it mainly targets the thighs and the glutens. When you are doing this exercise whole of the body plays an important role. Stand straight and start bending your knees, move your butt backward as you go down and feel the weight shifting to your heels. Next, make sure your knee caps are facing the same direction as your toes. Put your hands in a straight line in front of you. Looks straight ahead, and jump back to standing position. Perform this exercise 20 times then sit and relax for 5 minutes.

Gradually add exercises in your workout routine, increase time and repetition step by step. If you start this basis exercise routine with your low carbohydrate diet you will get effective results in few days.