How to become a lifelong books person? 5 tips to apply.

How to become a lifelong books person? 5 tips to apply.

All the advantages and instant access aside, the online flood of content has overwhelmed us to alarming levels. When scrolling and searching, we do not stay at one article or one post for more than a few minutes or even a few seconds.

This is because we know there is so much more out there for us to absorb. And this somehow makes us feel that we are missing out on a lot of things which is not true. To cope with this mental state and to calm your nerves, books can act as a therapist to remind you that it’s time to slow down and absorb on a deeper level. Because online content is mostly surface knowledge, a book can give you in-depth insights without leaving your mind with lots of question marks.

To immerse yourself in the book’s realm of serenity, here are five tips to get you started.

  1. Smell, touch and feel the books

No, I’m not kidding. The scent of books can attract you to them. It’s the same as liking the people who smell nice. The same brain centers are activated in both cases. So, if you want to become a lifelong reader, then you need to build a special emotional attachment to books.

Self-development and increasing knowledge are the logical reasons for making reading a permanent habit. You need the emotional ones to become an enthusiastic reader. So, don’t do anything big at the start. Just do this small thing to push yourself.

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  1. Know that book is not a thing, it’s a person

Have you ever asked yourself why you are attached more to some people? You want to spend time with them, want to tell them about your life, and seek advice. It’s because they’re the most relatable and welcoming when it comes to your thoughts and experiences.

You can build the same attachment with books. They may have words but they would not interrupt you with them like humans in the middle of thought processing. You talk to books and books talk to you. Unlike an online post with a short description, a book can tell you the complete story.

This way, books can fill the void of so many people you can’t have in your life right now. Just figure out what do you want as a person and get a book regarding that subject. Now, this does not mean that you don’t need humans anymore. It only means that you need books too.

  1. Create the right environment

At the start of anything, the biggest hurdle is “not feeling like doing that thing”. There can be many reasons for feeling this way. But the effective solution is changing your environment. If you want to read, go to a quiet place where the only thing your mind can focus on is the book in your hand.

Also, you can set up a small library room in your house. Surround yourself with lots of books and you would start to feel like reading. Or better, get your friends to read with you and discuss the insights later. This would make the activity more interesting.

Once you become a good reader, what happens next in the book would automatically be more important than what’s happening around you. Then you would find yourself reading even in the busiest of the places.

  1. Befriend the readers

Humans have the primal instincts of conformism. We act on the sense of belonging because it has been our survival mechanism for centuries. But what to do when no one in your current circle likes to read? Chances are that if you start while staying in between them, you would end up receiving lots of criticism. This at the start can weaken your willpower.

So, aside from applying the tips above, seek out the people who are bookworms in nature. They would give you optimistic insight and acceptance about this new habit of yours and you will enjoy discussing books with them.

  1. Start with your favorite genre

Let’s say you want to read books to become successful in your career, or to become more empathetic. But as reading was never something you did every day, hitting right at the target genre can be overwhelming. You may find such books boring and dry not because they are boring but because you are not that used to them.

Instead, pick out the genre that you find interesting right now. If you watch a lot of comedy movies, then start reading some funny books with short stories or full-length stories. You would find your momentum this way and won’t stop in the middle. And soon enough, you would find yourself exploring other genres and expanding your knowledge to deeper levels on different subjects.


Now that you know the basic tips, take a book and start sniffing it. And keep coming back here if you feel stuck at any step.