How To Use Disappearing Message Option In WhatsApp?

How To Use Disappearing Message Option In WhatsApp?

Instant messaging app WhatsApp has confirmed the launch of its new feature of disappearing messages. By using this feature the messages sent will disappear from chat after seven days. According to the support page of WhatsApp, the new setting will not affect the previous messages. The new setting will only apply to the messages sent after turning the feature on.

The message with the disappearing option can be back up and when they disappear the backup needs to be downloaded again. However, if the disappear message is quoted the used quote will not be deleted after the expiry time. The disappearing feature does not protect your messages from the screenshot as well.

The feature of disappearing messages can be turned on by individual users for personal chats however, for group chats only admins can use this disappearing feature. For using this feature, you need to switch it on for every chat individually. It does not apply to all feature. Here is how you can turn on the exciting disappearing messages feature of WhatsApp.

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Follow the below-mentioned steps and the disappearing message feature is turned on for your required chat.

  • Open the WhatsApp application
  • Click on the chat you want to turn disappearing messages on.
  • Click on the contact name
  • Disappearing messages option will appear
  • Click the disappearing messages option
  • Select option ON. That’s it.