Online Qurbani Trend is Increasing Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak!

Online Qurbani Trend is Increasing Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak!

Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, setting up sacrificial animal markets is banned in main cities of the country which is giving rise to the trend of online booking to carry out the sacrificial ritual.

Number of cattle dealers have arranged online booking of animals. Also, various welfare hospitals, religious schools, charitable organisations, and other institutions have started marketing sacrificial animals on social media platforms and are inviting citizens to perform the religious obligation through online purchases.

Subsequently, the cattle dealers have increased the prices by 20 to 25 percent, also, the rate of share in sacrificial animal has also increased.

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The head of an online sacrificial animal charity in Lahore Rana Mubasshir Hassan said he not only owns a cattle farm but also has contacts with other cattle farmers. While talking to a express tribune he informed:

Cattle vendors are now publishing photos and videos of their animals on social media platforms, predominately Facebook. A lot of customers from Pakistan and abroad are placing their orders and reservations for sacrifices, Hassan said, adding that the price of each animal is determined by its weight, health, and age. We are selling the same animals as shown in the pictures and videos, he explained. My company does not cheat anyone because sacrifice is a religious duty, therefore, we are completely transparent in our dealings. The prices of animals are updated after every few days as the price of fodder and maintenance cost of these animals keep increasing over time.”

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Furthermore, Edhi Foundation, Minhaj Welfare Foundation, Al-Khidmat Foundation, and the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, among others, have made arrangements for the slaughtering of animals and the distribution of meat for both single and shared sacrificial animals. They have made arrangement for those people who make online sacrificial orders and instruct to distribute meat.

Noticeably, locals of main cities are understanding the severity of the situation and instead of keeping animal at homes they are looking for online options.

The step of banning of setting up animal market is a move to curb the spread of coronavirus.

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